Google Security Update

What You Need to Know About the Chrome Security Update

Security is a primary concern for anyone who operates in the online arena, including both users browsing the web and businesses that create websites as a virtual interface for their operations. As a business owner, you naturally want to do all you can to ensure the safety of visitors, especially when it comes to any sensitive information they might provide in the course of logging into an account or making a purchase.

This means keeping up not only with advancing technologies, but with consumer expectations, not to mention what browsers demand on behalf of their users. It seems that Google Chrome is about to go through a security update that is likely to impact your business website. What is Chrome 56 and what will it mean for your website?

What is the Chrome Security Update?

Chrome 56 is an update set to take effect in January of 2017. It is aimed at improving security for users by helping them to recognize non-secure websites and/or pages.

In order to do that, a few changes will take place. The current version of Chrome (53) uses a circled, lowercase letter “i” to indicate that you can click to the left of the address bar of a website to see information related to security, including whether or not the web page is secure, if you’re being tracked, and so on.

The icon is going to change with the implementation of Chrome 56. Now, sites that are not secure, i.e. those that are http only (as opposed to the more secure https) are going to elicit a red, warning triangle with an exclamation point to warn users that the site (or page) is not secure.