1. First, under the Identity Certificates menu select ADD.

2. Once on the Add Identity Certificate window, click Add a new identity certificate.

3. You also have the option to change the key pair by making a new one. However, the key pair is required.

4. Next, type in the Certificate Subject DN fields and choose Select.

5. Within the Certificate Subject DN window, make sure you fill in all the Attributes that are required by the CA being used. Be sure to take a look at the Certificate Subject DN Attributes, then press OK to exit out of the Certificate Subject DN window.

6. Now, on the Add Identity Certificate window select the Advanced option.

7. After you have opened the Advanced Options window, make sure the FQDN listed is correct within the security appliance. Then, select OK to exit.

8. Next, within the Add Identity Certificate window press the Add Certificate option.

9. Then, enter the name of the CSR you are creating. Make sure it is something that is easy to recognize like c:\comodo-csr.txt

10. Lastly, it is time to paste the text file into the CSR enrollment page or on your specific account.

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