Microsoft Exchange 2010 SSL Certificate Installation Instructions

DigiCert SSL Certificate Installation - Exchange 2010 In this step-by-step tutorial we will show you how to install an SSL Certificate in Microsoft Exchange 2010. We will walk you through downloading the SSL Certificates, processi...

Generating a CSR in Microsoft Exchange 2010
1. Begin, by Downloading and Opening the ZIP File in which your Certificate is located. The Certificate File will be titled, your_domain_name.cer.

2. Next, Copy the Certificate File titled, your_domain_name.cer to the Exchange Server.

3. Now you are ready to START the Exchange Management Console. This can be accomplished by selecting the START Menu, then PROGRAMS, then MICROSOFT EXCHANGE 2010 and finally EXCHANGE MANAGEMENT CONSOLE.

4. Click on the link "Management Databases" and Select "Server Configuration."

5. Select your specific Certificate from the center menu, and then click on the "Actions" Menu and select "Complete Pending Request."

Select Certificate

6. Now, "Browse" to find your Certificate File. Click OPEN and the Click COMPLETE. In the Exchange 2010 there have been some known error messages received. If you receive the following message, "The source data is corrupted or not properly Base64 encoded" just ignore it and refresh the certificate by selecting the F5 button. After you refresh and verify the certificate, make sure that it now says, "False" under "Self Signed." If it still says "True" you may have selected the wrong certificate or may have generated the request using a different server. In order to fix this issue you will have to create a NEW CSR on the Exchange Server and Re-issue the Certificate.

Browse Certificate File

7. Next, you are now able to Enable your Certificate and use it. Select the Exchange Management Console and Click on "Assign Services to Certificate" which is located to the right of the screen.

8. Now you will be prompted to Select your Server from the given list. Click Next.

9. Next, Select the Services in which you would like to enable your new Certificate. Click on the Next button. Then Click on Assign. Finally, Click Finish.

Generating a CSR in Microsoft Exchange 2010
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