Microsoft Exchange 2016 SSL Certificate Installation Instructions

Generating a CSR in Microsoft Exchange 2016
1. First, begin by downloading and opening the ZIP file in which your Certificate is located. The Certificate File is saved as your_domain_name.cer.

2. Next, copy the Certificate File that you saved as your_domain_name.cer to your Exchange 2016 Server's Network Share Folder.

3. Now, open a Browser and search the URL https://localhost/ecp which will allow you to Access the Exchange Admin Center.

4. Located on the Exchange Admin Center Page is where you will enter your Domain/User Name and Password. Click Sign-In.

5. On the Exchange Admin Center page to the left of the screen, click on "Servers" and then select "Certificates" which is located at the top of the page.

6. Now that you are on the "Certificates" page, select your certificate request and to the right of the screen under the Certificate Request Details window, select Status. Finally, click on the Complete Link.

7. The "Complete Pending Request" Wizard will be launched and under, "File to import" enter the specific UNC path in which your SSL Certificate File is located. Then Click OK.

8. Now, the Certificate has been successfully Installed on your Exchange 2016 Server. The Status should now state, "Valid."

9. While on the Certificates page, which is located in the Center of the screen, then select the SSL Certificate that has been installed and Click on the Pencil icon.

10. Next, under the "Certificate" window click "Services."

11. On the next page, check all the services in which you wish to enable the SSL Certificate. Then Click SAVE.

12. Now, your SSL Certificate has been installed. It has now been enabled the services you selected on the Exchange 2016 Server.

Generating a CSR in Microsoft Exchange 2016
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