APPLE Mac OS X Server 10.4 CSR

Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) - Mac OS X Server 10.4

Below are instructions that will help you generate a CSR for your website. When you have finished generating the CSR, copy and paste the certificate into the CSR field on the SSL certificate request page.

1. Click the open button on the SERVER ADMIN TOOL, then connect to the server that you wish to install the certificate on.

2. Next, in the COMPUTERS & SERVICES PANE highlight the server node at the top of the tree.

3. Click the CERTIFICATES button located on the toolbar at the top of the right pane.

4. Then, select the + key.

5. Fill in the fields where needed. A definition of each field is provided below:

COMMON NAME- This is the domain name that you wish to use for your certificate (e.g., “”)

ORGANIZATION- This is the complete legal name of your organization. Make sure the organization listed is in the legal registrant of the domain name within the request. If you are starting as an individual, make sure to enter the certificate requestor’s name in the Organization box, and the DBA (doing business as) name in the Organizational Unit box.

ORGANIZATIONAL UNIT- The organizational unit is optional, but if wanted can be added by entering the name of the business or the DBA name in this option.

CITY (LOCALITY)- This represents the name of the city where your organization is located. If needed, you could enter the DBA name in this field.

STATE/PROVINCE- This is the state or province where your organization is based. Be sure to enter the full name without any abbreviations.

COUNTRY CODE- This is the two-letter country code that is applicable to organizations that are based internationally. (International Organization for Standardization: ISO)

VALID FROM/EXPIRES ON- This field does not apply, so just leave it as the default.

PRIVATE KEY SIZE- The required size should be at least 2048.

PRIVATE KEY PASSPHRASE- This is optional. If you would like to use a private key passphrase, you could enter it here. If this is created, this passphrase will be needed to access the system when starting any applications that use this certificate. If you would like your services to start automatically when the server starts up, then leave the passphrase field empty.

6. Select the SAVE button. If there is an error message after selecting the SAVE button, the page must have timed out. Select OK on the error message and begin again at Step #4.

7. Next, select the REQUESTED SIGNED CERTIFICATE from CA. Then, move the icon on the sheet to the directory where you choose to save the certificate request. As a result, the document infers that the file was saved to the Desktop.

8. Select DONE.

9. Lastly, rename the file from “BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUE” to “CERTREQ”. This file includes the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) that will need to be given when submitting your certificate request.

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