Microsoft IIS PFX Export

Microsoft IIS PFX Import
1. Access the START menu and click the RUN button. Type mmc in the box.

2. Next, click on the FILE tab and select Add/Remove Snap-In from the drop-down list.


File Tab

3. After you have accessed the Add/Remove Snap-In from the drop-down list, Click on Add and then Select Certificates and Click the Add button at the bottom of the box.

4. Next, Select COMPUTER ACCOUNT and then click the NEXT button. Once you have completed that task, then Select Local Computer and Click on the Finish button. You will then be able to close the Add Standalone Snap-In Window as well as the Add/Remove Snap-In Window.

5. Next, Click on the Plus (+) Sign to Expand the Certificates for the local computer console tree. At this point you need to look for the Personal Directory/Folder, and click on the Expand the Certificates Folder.

6. Next, Right-Click on the Certificate that you wish to complete the Backup and then Select ALL TASKS and EXPORT.

7. Select, "Yes, Export the Private Key" and select "Include All Certificates in Certificate Path If Possible."

8. Next, DO NOT change any of the default settings. At this point you may enter your unique password if requested.

9. Finally, Select the Save the File and then Click FINISH. At this point you should receive a confirmation that you have received a successful completion of export message. The .pfx file has not been saved to the specific location in which you have selected.

Microsoft IIS PFX Import
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