University Cyber Threats

Cyber Threats for Colleges & Universities

It should come as no surprise that cyber hacker’s preferred institution to hack are today’s colleges and universities. From a skilled computer science major seeking a higher grade on their transcript to a cyber crook wanting a sweet “payday”, colleges and universities are at high risk of cyber-attacks. Why one may ask? For the obvious reason, higher educational institutions are known to house the same sensitive information as hospitals. This fact is intriguing to cyber criminals because the data housed within a university’s server is easy to obtain by simply knocking down the firewall to a vulnerable site. With that being said, it is crucial educational representatives seek a solution to this problem for this is not a new phenomenon. If not addressed quickly, it will continue to get worse.

Numbers don’t lie. It is apparent there is a real problem at hand. From the years 2006 to 2013, 550 universities reported some kind of data breach (Sottile, 2015). It was reported by Symantec Internet Security Threat Report that 10 percent of the reported security breaches involved the Educational Sector. The Educational Sector ranked number 3 in relation to the top 10 Sectors suffering from a data breach (Sottile, 2015).


Sadly, there are real people in this world that make a living by harming others. In this day and age, hackers are more skilled than ever before. They are now even hosting conventions to show off their notorious “skills”.

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How Colleges & Universites can Combat Cyber Threats

The best way for the education sector to guard sensitive data is to protect it with an SSL Certificate. Learn more about Secure128's web security solutions suitable for colleges and universities.


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