Network Penetration Testing

Evaluate your security stance.  Understand the threat landscape

The most accurate method to evaluate your organization’s information security stance is to observe how it stands up against an attack. With Secure128's penetration testing service, our experts perform a simulated attack on your network to identify faults in your system, but with care to help ensure that your network stays online. Our external, internal and wireless penetration testing services follow a structured methodology to ensure a thorough test of your entire environment that includes a detailed report with tactical and strategic recommendations that take your business goals into account.

Every tool used in our penetration testing has been thoroughly tested in Secure128’s labs by experts that have performed numerous information security assessments of organizations in the retail, healthcare, biomedical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

External Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing service includes iterative tests of your environment starting with the most general components working toward the most specific. Secure128’s expertise and proven methodology allow us to effectively model attack scenarios that highlight risk from the largest, most complex environments to the most simple. Secure128 experts employ a primarily manual process to limit the generic results offered by general vulnerability assessments that use automated scanners and check-list methods.

Internal Penetration Testing addressing Internal Threats

Internal threats can be the most devastating that organizations face today. Internal corporate LAN and WAN environments allow users greater amounts of access, but usually with fewer security controls. Depending on your needs, Secure128 can facilitate an internal penetration test either using the traditional method of deploying consultants to your facility, or testing can be conducted remotely using our Remote Penetration Test Appliance. Using either method you end up with a focused, iterative, manually based security test of your internal network infrastructure.

Penetration Testing

On-site Penetration Testing
A Secure128 expert will report for work as an employee or contractor. Utilizing normal to minimal system access levels based on the simulated role, Secure128 iteratively tests all access controls in an attempt to acquire critical data.

Remote Penetration Testing
Secure128 will deliver one of Secure128’s Secure Remote Penetration Testing Appliances to facilitate the remote access needed to conduct the penetration test.

Testing Wireless Networks

Attackers commonly exploit unsecured wireless networks to gain greater access to a corporate network and compromise data. Trustwave will perform a penetration test of wireless networks using directed attack-based logic to identify the real risks inherent in your wireless infrastructure and what that risk means to sensitive data stored elsewhere. Trustwave tests a varied array of wireless technologies such as 802.11 Wi-Fi, application-specific ZigBee, 900MHz networks, legacy FHSS technologies, 5.8GHz networks and others.

Secure128 Proven Methodology

Upon conclusion of testing, Secure128 provides you with a report detailing results and recommendations on mitigating your network vulnerabilities, deliverables included:

  • Assessment of design and operating effectiveness of existing controls
  • Identified risks and potential areas of vulnerability
  • Security risk mitigation recommendations
  • Architectural and procedural recommendations
  • Information and data obtained via exposed vulnerabilities

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