Entrust Multi-Domain EV SSL

Helps drive traffic to your site and reduce abandoned transactions. Features include the Entrust Secured Seal, ECC public key encryption and daily website malware scanning.


Site Seal

The Entrust Site Seal establishes your business as a safe place to do online business, giving users a higher level of trust.


Warranty Included with Your Purchase

Entrust's liability will not exceed (1) $1,000.00 U.S.; and (2) two times the fees paid by the applicable subscriber to Entrust during the twelve months prior to the initiation of the claim to a maximum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100, 000).

Money Back Guarantee

money back

This product has a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

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Year 1
HTTPS encryption, organization identity included in certificate AND browser URL bar.

Year 2
HTTPS encryption, organization identity included in certificate AND browser URL bar.

Subject Alternate Name Information

ENTRUSTMDEV allows you to secure multiple domains or subdomains with ease! Allowing you to manage those multiple domains or subdomains in one place.

How many domains can you secure?

100 domains.

Are any additional domains free?

ENTRUSTMDEV comes with 1 free domains.


How much is an additional domain?

per additonal domain.

EV Information

Stands for Extended Validation. Recommended For eCommerce and High Visibility Sites, Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates offer the GREEN BAR along with the highest industry standard for authentication and provide the best level of customer trust available.


Green Check Mark
256 bit encryption
Green Check Mark
Supports basic ssl/tls security

Green Check Mark
Supports mobile devices
Green Check Mark
Customer portal to manage your new and existing orders

Green Check Mark
Organization legal name included in cert details AND in most browsers
Green Check Mark
Unlimited server licensing & free reissues

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