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Comparison of our Enterprise SSL Offerings

All Enterprise SSL Offerings MPKI MPKI Lite CIC Enterprise Complete
Managed via Secure 128 portal managed pki
Manage via Symantec (VeriSign) portal Symantec Enterprise SSL managed pki Symantec Enterprise SSL
SSL Management of all SSL Certificates within your environment SSL Automation SSL Automation SSL Automation SSL Automation
Certificates for domains with pre-validated organizations can be issued instantly at customer's discretion SSL Management SSL Management SSL Management
SSL Automation for installating certificates through Symantec’s automation system after issuance for renewals and reissues Symantec Enterprise SSL
Both MPKI and CIC working together to order, validate, and install certificates SSL Automation
Choose MPKI Choose Lite Choose CIC Choose Complete

Enterprise Complete

Symantec Verisign Enterprise SSL

If your business has more than five SSL certificates to manage, keeping track of them all can become difficult. Are you currently looking for a better way to manage all of the SSL certificates within your environment? Secure128 offers Symantec's duel management system Enterprise Complete, which contains both MPKI and CIC functions. With this tag team in action with your system, you will never have to manually manage an SSL certificate again.

Symantec Managed PKI Service (MPKI)

Symantec Enterprise

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing digital certificates with Symantec Managed PKI for SSL. If your organization requires a large number of digital certificates and issuance by multiple administrators across different organizations or business units, Managed PKI for SSL provides both centralized control and delegated administration.

Symantec Managed PKI Service Lite (MPKI Lite)

Symantec Enterprise

We at Secure128 understand the potential danger an expired certificate can pose. With a many things to manage while running a business, remembering to renew your SSL certificate can be easily forgotten. Once placing an order, it generally takes a few days for the order to be processed and issued. MPKI Lite helps to eliminate the extended waiting period associated with issuing an SSL Certificate, never leaving your site and business vulnerable again.

Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC)

Symantec Enterprise

Automate lifecycle management including renewal and transfer: Certificate Intelligence Center cloud-based approach dramatically lowers the risk of missing expiring SSL certificates and allows you to stay secure and compliant.

  • Business Continuity & Efficiency
  • Discover & Monitor
  • Alert & Notify
  • Get Security Ratings
  • Generate Reports
  • Eliminate Manual Errors
  • Auto Discover Applications

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