Symantec (VeriSign) Managed PKI Lite

A Better Solution for Ordering and Renewing SSL Certificates

We here at Secure 128 understand the potential danger an expired certificate can pose. With a thousand things to manage while running a business, remembering to renew your SSL certificate can be easily forgotten. Once placing an order, it generally takes a few days for the order to be processed and issued. Sometimes your business does not have time to wait for the current certificate to be issued. MPKI lite helps to eliminate the extended waiting period associated with issuing an SSL Certificate, never leaving your site vulnerable again.

Managed PKI lite works by storing information about your organization within the Symantec (VeriSign) database to help get certificates issued within 10 minutes opposed to waiting a minimum of 1 day – Issuing certificates up to 288 times faster than ever before.

The Benefits Of Managed PKI Lite

SSL Automation
What Information Is Stored by Symantec Ready Issuance?

Since most orders require a validation call before the order can be issued, Symantec (VeriSign) allows for only ONE call to be authenticated with Ready Issuance.

  • Organization Details Organization Details
  • Domain Names Domain Names
  • Contact Information Contact Information
  • A Validation Call A Validation Call
SSL Management

It is now easy to scale up or down SSL certificates as needed for your unique environment along with the ability to validate which elements of the order qualify for instant issuance, i.e., org, domain, contact pair.

Efficient Authentication

Once you've completed the authentication process, you are now eligible to use Ready Issuance and can easily issue new certificates for the life of the validation period. You can add up to 25 additional domains and up to 10 corporate contacts to your account. Your are now able to query the status of orders with capabilities to cancel or modify orders.

Protect Your Business & Customer Data

with SSL Certificates from the most recognized brands on the web. We can help you get started on securing your entire network from vulnerabilities & cyber attacks today.

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