Internal Vulnerability Scanning

Can Your Site Withstand Attack?

It is hard to truly declare your site as secure until the proper tests have been implemented. Internal vulnerability scans search for weaknesses within your internal network that can potentially lead to an attack. It is important to be aware of vulnerabilities behind your firewall so that the appropriate measures can be taken to correct any error within the system.

Internal Vulnerability Scanning (IVS) is the one and only true web-based internal vulnerability scanning service. Although IVS does not require additional hardware or software to be implemented, this service still delivers powerful, enterprise class security technology from the cloud. IVS works by identifying real and potential vulnerabilities within your internal network. The Web-based interface is easy to operate delivering detailed reports on detected vulnerabilities. In addition, the reports provide you with easy-to-understand remediation directions so you can rest easy knowing how to make your site more safe.

Internal Network Vulnerability Scanning

Internal Vulnerability Scanning Features

  • Internal vulnerability scanning Internal Vulnerability Scanning (IVS) connections are secure and utilize SSL encryptions and Symantec certificates; This applies to your scanning data to ensure confidentiality.
  • Internal vulnerability scanning IVS does not require additional hardware or software so there is nothing extra to manage or secure.
  • Internal vulnerability scanning ControlScan's team of security experts is available to help you understand the network vulnerability scan results and offer the best strategy to resolve the problem.
  • Internal vulnerability scanning Internal Vulnerability Scanning satisfies PCI DSS Requirement 11.2, making it even easier for you to maintain PCI compliance.

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