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The #1 Trust Mark on the Internet

Symantec Safe SiteSymantec Safe Site Seal with Norton Secured Seals are viewed up to 650 million times per day on over 100,000 Web sites in 165 countries and in search results on enabled browsers as well as partner shopping sites and product review pages. When Web site visitors see the Symantec Safe Site (formerly known as VeriSign Trust Seal), they are less likely to abandon a transaction and more likely to do business with you online.

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Symantec Safe Site Seal

Symantec (VeriSign) Safe Site Seal Features

Symantec Safe Site seal featuring the Norton Secured Seal lets your customers know that your website is trusted and secured. This easy-to-implement cloud service is available directly from Secure128.

  • Increase Web Traffic Increased website traffic, as much as 24% (Differentiate from your competitors on natural search).
  • Increase registrationsIncreased registrations by 137% (Differentiate from other businesses with a seal on site).
  • Increase Web conversionsIncreased conversions and revenues as much as 40%, for less than $1 per day (Increase Sales and Conversion Cost-Effectively).
  • Symantec Safe Site SealSymantec Safe Site Seal featuring the Norton Secured Site Seal immediately establishes credibility and legitimacy for your business amongst potential customers.

Build Trust Online

Consumers and business owners might not always full understand or have the time and resources to diligently monitor the barrage of online attacks that threaten their online security, but they have learned to recognize the signs that let them know when a site is secure. They are now familiar with the trust seals a company can earn from third-party audits of site safety.

  • Symantec Safe Site SealThe Norton Secured Seal is displayed up to 800 million times a day.
  • Symantec Safe Site SealIt appears on more than 100,000 websites in 165 countries.
  • Symantec Safe Site SealIt also appears in search results on enabled browsers, partner shopping sites and product review Web pages.
  • Symantec Safe Site Seal77 percent of consumers recognized the Norton Secured Seal in tests, more than our competitor’s trust seals.

Protect Your Business & Customer Data

with SSL Certificates from the most recognized brands on the web. We can help you get started on securing your entire network from vulnerabilities & cyber attacks today.

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