SSL Certificate: RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificate

Secure unlimited subdomains fast, with RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates. Simply have the cheap SSL cert issued to * Simple and fast automated domain validation gets your SSL certificate issued in minutes. Here is an example, if you need to secure the following websites:


The Features Of Rapid SSL Certificates

  • Enables up to 256 bit encryption.
  • Easy Install.
  • More certificates issued in minutes.
  • 99% browser support
  • Daily website malware scanning shows customers you are committed to keeping them safe.
  • Free Reissues.
  • $10,000 warranty.
  • Competitive trade-in program. Switch your GoDaddy SSL or Comodo SSL for FREE!
  • Includes RapidSSL Secured Seal.
RapidSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates

Dynamic site seal stating that your transaction is secure. Displays real-time date/timestamp. It just takes minutes to get your RapidSSL Certificate. With RapidSSL, you get one of the most trusted SSL brands without sacrificing convenience, choice, or reliability.

Why Choose RapidSSL?

Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate

RapidSSL offers a low price SSL solution and includes a 7-day money back guarantee plus multi-year and renewal discounts.


RapidSSL issues approved SSL certificates within minutes of enrollment, helping you develop and launch a secure site quickly. Our root certificate has 99% browser recognition.


RapidSSL provides a $10,000 warranty and 256 bit encryption.

RapidSSL over GoDaddy SSL Certificates. Here's Why...

  • Only the latest browser versions are compatible with GoDaddy SSL. GoDaddy SSL Certificates still have issues on FireFox.
  • GoDaddy SSL Certificates do not work in any mobile browsers. Just do a "Google" search on GoDaddy SSL issues.
  • GoDaddy charges you $15 "administration fee" to cancel a SSL certificate issued, our cancellation cost is $0 and 30 Days guaranteed.
  • GoDaddy is NOT an SSL security company. How many Fortune 500 companies carry the GoDaddy SSL certificate site seal?
  • RapidSSL certificates come with unlimited server licensing and free lifetime reissues.
  • GoDaddy Standard SSL certificates only offers a $2000 warranty. RapidSSL certificates comes with a $10,000 warranty.

Protect Your Business & Customer Data

with SSL Certificates from the most recognized brands on the web. We can help you get started on securing your entire network from vulnerabilities & cyber attacks today.

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