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#1 Most Trusted Brand on the Web, Formerly VeriSign

Trust makes all the difference in the world of online business. Investment in technology to protect customers and earn their trust is a critical success factor for any company that does business online or hosts an e-commerce website. The effective implementation of SSL certificates and correct placement and use of trust marks are proven tools in the establishment of customer trust. learn more>>

Symantec® Takes Protection & Trust to a Whole New Level

Why Symantec SSL Certificates and Trust Services?

With the acquisition of Symantec Authentication Services, Symantec is now the leading provider of SSL certificates globally, helping to assure customers that they are safe from search to browse to buy and sign in*. Symantec secures more than one million web servers worldwide. Symantec also secures over two-thirds of websites using Extended Validation SSL – including the biggest names in e-commerce and banking. When you choose Symantec, you can rest assured that your website and your reputation are protected by the CA with a proven track record and the most recognized trust mark on the Internet.

Symantec SSL Certificates encrypt and authenticate online business.

Symantec SSL (secure sockets layer) Certificates, the Symantec Trust™ Seal, Symantec® Seal-in-Search™, Extended Validation and daily web site malware scanning work together to help assure your customers that your site is safe, from search to browse to buy. Symantec SSL Certificates help improve your online business performance with:

  • Fewer abandoned shopping carts.
  • More traffic and click-throughs to your site. Increased website traffic, as much as 24% (Differentiate from your competitors on natural search)
  • Increased registrations by 137% (Differentiate from other businesses with a seal on site)
  • Increased conversions and revenues as much as 40%, for less than $1 per day (Increase Sales and Conversion Cost-Effectively)
Norton Trust Seal

Symantec Site Seal Let your customers know that your website is trusted and secured by the most popular SSL security brand on the internet. This easy-to-implement cloud service is available directly from Secure128.

Do I Need an SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate if needed for any organization that:
  • Have an online store or accept online orders and credit cards.
  • Offers a login or sign in on your site.
  • Process sensitive data such as address, birth date, license, or id numbers.
  • Needs to comply with privacy and security requirements.
  • Value privacy and expect others to trust you.
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Customers Know & Trust Symantec SSL Certificates and Trust Seals

Symantec SSL assures shoppers that a site is both secure and trusted. Viewed up to 250 million times a day on over 90,000 web sites and in 160 countries, the Symantec seal has become the most recognized trust mark on the Internet. When web site visitors see the Symantec seal, they are less likely to abandon a transaction and more likely to do business with you online. Online shoppers extend their trust in Symantec to your site when you display the Symantec Trust Seal on your secured web site because:

  • The site is secured with Symantec SSL, issued by the leading Certificate Authority worldwide.
  • Symantec has verified the identity of the business and their right to use the web site domain name.
  • The web site has passed a daily malware scan.
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Protect Your Site From Malware

Symantec SSL Daily Web Site Malware Scan

GeoTrust Anti-Malware Scan

Your web site is reviewed daily to help protect it from being blacklisted by search engines and to reduce the risk of infecting your customers' computers when they browse your web site. The Symantec Trust Seal is displayed when your site passes the malware scan, increasing trust with your banking customers.

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Build Consumer Confidence with Norton Shopping Guarantee

Norton Shopping Guarantee is a groundbreaking product for merchants who handle the majority of their sales via the internet. By helping to maximize customer satisfaction, conversion rates are increased by eliminating consumer’s basic concerns when making an online transaction. learn more>>

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