Fast Issuance SSL Certificates

Domain Validation Requirements

What is a Domain Validation SSL Certificate?

Domain validated certificates ONLY validates the domain. This is the fastest issued certificate available for immediate protection. This type of certificate only requires proof that one has control over the following domain. There are 2 ways domain the domain can be authenticated:

  • Approval Email
  • File Authorization

What is an Approval Email?

A way to validate a certificate by showing you have control of a domain by approving the domain rights via email. An email is sent from the Certificate Authority (where you choose to purchase your SSL certificate) to the email listed within the domain registration record which can be the technical or administrative contact.

Alternatively, there are 5 pre-approved (by the CA/B forum) email aliases. They are:

  • admin@DomainName
  • administrator@DomainName,
  • hostmaster@DomainName,
  • webmaster@DomainName, and
  • postmaster@DomainName

Self Service

If you need to amend the approval email, you can do so by signing into your Secure128 Portal.

  • If you have problems amending the email address where the approval email is being sent to, simply contact us at and a support representative can get it amended for you.
  • NOTE: the email address must first be listed on the WHOIS before amendments are made.

What is File Authorization?

A way to validate a domain by proving one has authorization over a domain.

This feature eliminates the domain contact approval step in the vetting of Domain Validated certificates. In lieu of this step, we will poll the root of your site for a file that will be provided to you. Once verified, the domain validation step in the vetting process will be considered complete.

An authentication file and PIN will be returned in the quick order response in the following format

  • A webpage must be created within the domain that is attempting to be validated.
  • The webpage must be named the given file name provided by the Certificate Authority and must only contain the File Pin on the page (this will be provided by a Certificate Authority).
    • File: randomlynamed.htm
    • File Contents: 6ddpS0NyTryDdonP4MJM

    In the above example assuming the certificate is ordered for, we will search for this file and verify it contains the following file contents or pin; 6ddpS0NyTryDdonP4MJM.