SSL Automation with Symantec CryptoExec for cPanel & WHMCS

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The modern way to issuing web security solutions. Ordering and installing online security solutions was once a manual process which proved to be a hassle for customers who were seeking a faster method. Not anymore. Symantec CryptoExec for WHMCS and cPanel/WHMCS helps make the management of thousands of SSL certificates, code signing certificates, and trust seals more efficient.

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Symantec CryptoExec Overview

Product Compatibility

Symantec CrytoExec SSL Automation

Symantec™ CryptoExec for cPanel and WHMCS is compatible with Symantec (formally VeriSign), Thawte, GeoTrust and RapidSSL brands. In addition, Symantec™ CryptoExec is offered for DV, OV and EV certificates, “Code Signing certificates” and “trust seals”.

Efficient Management

SSL Reseller Program

Symantec™ CryptoExec for cPanel and WHMCS simplifies and automates CSR generation, installation and lifecycle management processes of website security products.

Symantec™ CryptoExec for All

Symantec CryptoExec SSL Automation

Symantec™ CryptoExec for cPanel and WHMCS supports both classic and voucher-based purchase paths. “Classic procurement” for partners who intend to use only WHMCS and “voucher based procurement” for partners who use WHMCS and cPanel.

To manage web security solutions seamlessly
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How does Symantec™ CryptoExec work?

Online Security Management Guide

Symantec CryptoExec for WHMCS allows users to buy or order Symantec website security products in two different ordering flows:

Voucher Based Ordering with Symantec CryptoExec for WHMCS Vouchers. For resellers to automate the generation and installation of SSL certificates within a cPanel environment.

Classic SSL Based ordering with Symantec CryptoExec for WHMCS. This process flow is similar to ordering online (capturing CSR, contact information, delivery information). This solution is for customers that do not want to use the cPanel module.

Symantec CryptoExec for cPanel/WHMCS allows for redemption of vouchers purchased in WHMCS. These vouchers are tied to a domain, which allows either the hosting company or their customer to easily generate and install SSL certificates, code signing certificates, and trust seals.

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