Anonymous hacks BART computers, breaches data security

Anonymous hacks BART computers, breaches data security

Personal information on more than 2,000 riders of the Bay Area Rapid Transit system was stolen by Anonymous in the group's recent attack on BART's website, a report from eWeek stated.

The news source said that, in addition to releasing names, passwords, street addresses and email addresses of about 2,400 BART riders, the group defaced the website, adding its trademark Guy Fawkes masks to the home page. (The masks are a reference to the 2006 film V for Vendetta.) The group said that the attack was prompted by a fatal shooting of a passenger by a transit police officer this July.

According to eWeek, data security experts have expressed confusion over the focus of the data breach.

"It is puzzling to me how exposing thousands of innocent people's personal information hurts BART more than it hurts transit users," Sophos senior security advisor Chester Wisniewski wrote for the Naked Security blog.

Almost all major organizations should assume that they can be targeted by such attacks, experts say, making data security improvements critically important.