Certificates can be used to help manage the iPad

Certificates can be used to help manage the iPad

By now, most companies have seen a large influx of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices in business. Customers, employees and executives alike have all started using these devices, and one of the most popular is the new Apple iPad. Cult of Mac said for companies looking to protect the iPad, code signing digital certificates and high assurance SSL certificates can be used for the device to make it a bit safer to deal with.

"iPads and other iOS devices can also be provisioned with various security certificates (including self-signed certificates) and credentials," the blog said of the device. "All of these can be manually configured on-device by the user (or by an IT staffer for the user) as well as through automated management systems."

For those companies trying to lock the iPad down within the company, Cult of Mac said there has been an emphasis on mobile device management over the past few years. Companies need to be careful when implementing a bring-your-own-device program, as these mobile devices can unknowingly bring in a lot of malware and viruses that could eventually make their way to the customer.

The blog said consumers "most likely" will need to install or buy additional services to help control the growth of the iPad, but it's ultimately up to the company and what their goals are.

PCWorld said there was an update for the Apple operating system last year that would protect the device from rogue SSL certificates, but this may not be true for every device. Companies should look to use high assurance SSL certificates to protect not only those on PCs but the growing tablet and smartphone audience as well.