Chinese government vows to get tough on data security issues

Chinese government vows to get tough on data security issues The tech world's perception of China as a playground for hackers and cyber pirates may be about to change.

Citing reports from the country's state-run Xinhua news agency, Reuters reported this week that the government is moving to crack down on cybercrime and hacking activity in the interests of national security.

"A crime endangering information network security poses a threat not only to network security but also to national security and public interests," the agency quoted Xinhua as saying.

The state media outlet also cited information from the Chinese Ministry for Public Security that the number of viruses in the wild has increased dramatically in the past several years, and that as many as 80 percent of all online PCs are controlled by hackers, according to Reuters.

The news source noted, however, that new evidence of the government's complicity in cybercrime - a brief video clip ostensibly depicting military hacking activity - recently surfaced online.

The role of sovereign nations in data security efforts is an increasingly crucial one, experts say, both in terms of the protection of public infrastructure and private information.