Compromised websites are on compromised hosts

Compromised websites are on compromised hosts

Businesses should already be protecting themselves with SSL certificates from companies like Thawte and GeoTrust, but there may be more security measures needed, especially for customer-facing eCommerce websites. The Websense Security Labs 2012 Threat Report said there are three main driving factors of business data theft, including social media lures, malware and sophisticated exfiltration of confidential data.

The report said 82 percent of malicious websites are hosted on malicious hosts, so websites need to figure out whether or not the host they use is safe. About 55 percent of data stealing malware communications are websites and 74 percent of email is spam. Companies need to be watching out for all of these security aspects and more.

"Traditional defenses just aren't working any more," said Charles Renert, vice president of research and development for Websense. "Organizations need real-time defenses with multiple detection points that deeply analyze both the inbound content of each website and email as well as the outbound transmission of sensitive data. Nearly all data-stealing attacks today involve the web and/or e-mail. And many increasingly use social engineering to take advantage of the human element as the weakest link."

Renert said the current generation of internet attacks use multiple data points and vectors to hlep target victims, so a holistic approach is likely the best thing a business can do as far as security is concerned. He said in the report that a solution that can understand the entire threat lifecycle and combine data from each phase is necessary in online business these days.

VeriSign SSL certificates can help protect against and scan for malware every day, according to the company. With a VeriSign Trust Seal, companies will get a daily malware scan. If there is a problem, the company will be notified of the infected code. Businesses can then revoke the codes and be sure to keep customers and themselves safe.