Create trust in SSL certificates

Create trust in SSL certificates

Getting SSL certificates and leaving them isn't quite enough, as businesses should be thorough in how they work with these keys for security. Ericka Chickowski writes on Dark Reading that adjustments should be made to help shore up these certificates so they can work as well as possible.

One way is public key pinning, which she said gives website operators more control over which authorities issue certificates for servers.

“The one big problem is the fact that any one certificate authority can sign any certificate for any website in the world,” says Ivan Ristic, director of engineering at Qualys, told Chickowski. “That's an obvious loophole.”

Other key ways to keep these SSL certificates save is CA transparency, having sovereign keys that require less input from the users and DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities, which Tom Daly, president and CTO of Dyn, said will  validate keys 100 percent in the face of any "man in the middle" attacks.

James Grieg writes on APSense that there are many great benefits for SSL certificates, but gaining customer trust is the biggest. Businesses should work hard on their certificates to help that trust grow.