Credit card skimming at gas stations becoming serious problem

Credit card skimming at gas stations becoming serious problem The use of unobtrusive extra scanners at pay-at-the-pump gas stations to steal personal financial information from motorists is a serious issue for credit card security, according to Retail Technology News.

The website reported that Tampa, Florida, police have confiscated four skimming devices planted at RaceTrac gas stations this year alone. The company's status as one of the most security-conscious in the industry highlights the seriousness of the issue.

"They were one of the first to be PCI compliant and they aren't afraid to spend money on security," NACS security and compliance expert Gray Taylor told the publication.

Taylor's organization, Retail Technology News added, has launched a campaign to bring tamper-evident labels for gas pumps into more widespread use. The effort may also have the effect of increasing PCI compliance.

Although programming standards and purely code-based security measures are important, experts say the gas skimming incidents highlight the danger posed by more low-tech threats. Simple credit card scanners or even smooth-talking social engineering can be as effective as a high-tech Trojan at acquiring sensitive data.