Criminals targeting small and midsized businesses online

Criminals targeting small and midsized businesses online

With larger enterprises ramping up security in an effort to shut out many of the cyber threats they see on a daily basis, cyber criminals are left to wander. Unfortunately for small and midsized businesses, that means increased focus on them. These businesses need to make sure they have security such as firewalls, antivirus software and SSL certificates by companies such as GeoTrust and Thawte.

Verizon's 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report showed that criminals are searching for easier ways to make money and SMBs are seen as "easy targets." Verizon security research director Wade Baker told The Inquirer that cyber criminals have been mass producing attacks against smaller company and said these companies are essentially sitting ducks for cyber criminals because they lack the same security as larger companies.

"Cyber criminals have figured out that if their goal is to make money, attacking a large organization that's well defended and probably has ties to law enforcement that is going to pursue them, is a high-risk solution," Baker told the Inquirer, adding that a larger scale attack against smaller businesses is a very low risk for these cyber criminals with a high chance of them being able to make money.

On Symantec's blog, Dal Gemmell writes that businesses need to take measures to protect themselves online by first assessing the risks, educating employees on information policies and procedures, and implementing a plan for security through a company that has a good reputation. At this point, companies need to seek out good backup techniques, encrypt laptops to minimize consequences of lost data and consider data loss technologies.

One of the first steps an eCommerce company should take when trying to secure itself online is getting VeriSign SSL certificates in an effort to protect transactions on the website.