Data breaches and security impacts where people do business

Data breaches and security impacts where people do business

For any eCommerce business, there's nothing worse than losing the trust of customers. If people don't want to shop on a website due to privacy or safety concerns, they wont even think about it. This is highlighted in a new study by Edelman, titled "Privacy and Security: The New Drivers of Brand, Reputation and Action Global Insights 2012." Companies worried about security should make sure they have high assurance SSL certificates, code signing digital certificates and other security measures in place to protect customers.

According to the study, 70 percent of people are more concerned about privacy than they were five years ago and 68 percent of people feel that they have lost control over what kind of information is shared by businesses. These are impacting concerns at the checkout page for eCommerce companies, as people will weigh whether or not they feel protected and secure when buying from a company's website.

When using smartphones, 48 percent of people say data security is one of the most important factors, even over style, design, warranty and size of the protect. About 42 percent buying from a tablet or PC said security is among their top three concerns.

"The message of this study is clear," said Pete Pedersen, chairman of Edelman's global technology practice. "Business leaders must begin to think about managing data security and privacy as a core competency - one that has real potential to affect a company's bottom line."

Cybertegic, an internet business consultant, said on their website that SSL certificates are extremely important for eCommerce websites, as it helps prevent hackers from getting customer information and protects the company's reputation. It's important for businesses to know how useful these certificates are and use them consistently.