Data security breach shuts down Nokia developer discussion board

Data security breach shuts down Nokia developer discussion board A community forum for developers hosted by Finnish handset maker Nokia was shut down recently after the company discovered that an SQL injection vulnerability may have compromised data security there.

According to a statement from Nokia, it was initially thought that only a small number of accounts were compromised, but the company's investigation apparently indicated that the breach was wider than it had originally believed.

"We are not aware of any misuse of the accessed data, but we are communicating with affected forum members, though we believe the only potential impact to them may be unsolicited email. Nokia apologizes for this incident," the statement read in part.

The most common type of data that may have been illicitly accessed is email addresses, although some victims may also have had birthdates, homepage URLs and instant messaging service usernames revealed. No Social Security or credit card numbers were affected.

SQL injection is among the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities seen in recent public hacking incidents. The technique was used in the now-infamous PlayStation Network attack.