Expert encourages merchants to increase their PCI compliance pace

Expert encourages merchants to increase their PCI compliance pace

Verizon Wireless' latest report regarding PCI Compliance has been called "disappointing" by the company's director of PCI consulting services Jen Mack, according to a recent Bank Info Security report.

As it stands, global merchants face the threat of new security breaches if they do not bolster their defenses. Verizon's latest report revealed that a majority of small businesses continue to lack the proper compliance associated with the PCI Data Security Standard, the report stated.

"Are more breaches possible?" Mack told the news provider. "Honestly, I think it's a real possibility, unless these organizations get serious."

According to Mack, the area which merchants must improve is the need for consistent risk assessments. In this aspect, companies effectiveness decrease by 10 percent compared to last year.

PCI compliance remains a key aspect for many companies. According to a report published earlier this month, a panel of experts participated in a security event discussing breaches and compliance issues. Some experts said that not being compliant is not an option since companies will be charged a fee for every transaction it processes.