Expert offers several PCI compliance tips

Expert offers several PCI compliance tips

LiquidWeb’s Benny Crampton revealed some of the most crucial PCI compliance issues facing hosting businesses during the recent ePanel Bootcamp in Austin, Texas, according to a recent Web Host Industry Review report.

Many of the tips organizations are encouraged to utilize have previously been touted by the PCI Security Standards Council.

"In the data storage department, it’s key that you use secure and clean code when developing," said Web Host Industry Review's Liam Eagle. "You must protect card holder data, which includes anything that is personally identifiable. Encrypt data and send traffic [securely]. Limit what you store."

Crampton added that companies should limit who has access to their data by tracking users with "unique credentials." Also, organizations are encouraged to use antivirus software and establish a written security policy, Eagle reported.

Experts agree that failing to meet PCI compliance is not a successful business model. According to a recent report, PCI compliance is necessary not only for protection, but because organizations will be charged a fee for every transaction they process if they are not compliant.