Firms should be acting on data breach reports

Firms should be acting on data breach reports

While companies can load themselves up with security measures such as SSL certificates from GeoTrust and code signing digital certificates, one cloud-based business said companies also need to take note of the number of high profile attacks happening and take more care with their own online security. While firewalls and certificates offer great protection, companies need to make sure they have more of a full security solution to keep security heightened at all times.

Simon Bain, chief technology officer of Simplexo, a cloud search specialist, said that stories such as that of the big-time breach that happened to Global Payments should show companies that having security measures in place online is absolutely necessary.

“In that case, around 1.5 million credit card details were exposed. People should be looking at that and asking themselves, ‘How do we stop that happening to us?’ But they don’t,” Bain said of the Global Payments breach, which took place earlier this year. “Allowing unencrypted data to be held in a database is unforgivable [because] people’s private data should be just that."

Protecting against breaches is more important than ever, as we live in an age in which attacks are growing larger and more prevalent. The Online Trust Association released a report that said 2011 was Year of the Breach and said businesses in the United States lost more than $6.5 billion in breaches last year. More than 50 percent of breaches were due to server issues, and the OTA said almost all of these breaches could have been avoided if security advice was followed.

"Combined with the increased awareness of these high visibility incidents and aggressive data collection and sharing practices, consumers’ trust and online confidence is under attack," said Craig Spiezle, executive director and president of the Online Trust Alliance. "By following the recommendations in this guide we have an opportunity to enhance online trust and promote the vitality of the internet."

Security solutions, such as VeriSign SSL certificates, should be used by all companies using and sending online information.