Fraud happening more on mobile devices

Fraud happening more on mobile devices

When looking to protect customers online, businesses cannot forget about mobile technology. Insurance Networking News reports that fraudsters are flocking to mobile devices to try to bilk companies and customers out of money. High assurance SSL certificates should be purchased by companies and PCI compliance should be followed to help keep mobile transactions as safe as possible.

Threatmetrix's vice president of product management, Peter Liske, said during a presentation at the Cartes in North America Conference that one of the biggest new categories being tracked by the company was mobile fraud, according to the news source . He said it usually originated not from a mobile device, but from fraudsters spoofing mobile devices from a computer.

"Fraudsters have found a way around the protections through the mobile channels using other tools," Liske said, according to the news source. "A lot of merchants are not doing all the usual fraud screenings they do for general ecommerce and they're creating brand-new opportunities for fraudsters."

Insurance Networking News the PCI security standards council is still studying how companies can better secure mobile transactions. Walter Conway, a security consultant, said in a presentation at the conference that merchants tend to underestimate the various ways they can be scammed and should be sure to take mobile defense into account.

NerdWallet said a recent investigation by Consumers Union said wireless carriers may not protect users from fraudulent charges, especially if they are not paying with their credit or debit card. Consumers Union said it wants to see consumers have more control over mobile payments and released a call to action to wireless carriers to let customers dispute charges before they are made.

Companies looking for help in protecting their mobile customers should always be sure to use VeriSign SSL certificates or some other type of protection so customers can be sure where the file is coming from. Consumer trust is a big part of becoming a successful eCommerce business.