Global government, business leaders debating cybersecurity plan

Global government, business leaders debating cybersecurity plan

Global leaders representing national governments and businesses recently assembled in London with the goal to begin discussing international rules to combat internet security issues.

While the United States and the U.K. expressed concern for the data security of individuals and businesses, some governments, such as Russia and China, were more interested in increasing state involvement and controlling the flow of information.

"Sensitive information is stolen every day from both governments and businesses by criminal networks, as well as individuals, and even by other nation states," said U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. "And we all face the threat that our critical infrastructure will be compromised by a cyberattack. It's a real threat."

The conference was created to bring world leaders together to discuss the growing threat of cyberattacks on governments, businesses and individual citizens.

U.K. foreign secretary William Hague also supported an international web governance solution, adding that the worldwide nature of the internet makes global cooperation vital.

According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, cybercrime now costs organizations an average of $5.9 million per year, a 56 percent increase from 2010.