Global Payments works to regain favor

Global Payments works to regain favor

After experiencing a major breach of nearly 1.5 million credit and debit cards, Global Payments said it is working to once again validate its PCI compliance and become a trusted brand again, according to SC Magazine. The company admitted for the first time that a number of cards have removed the company from their list of service providers, so the company has a long way to go to get back to where they were previous to this breach. Global Payments may want to take some security precautions, such as using VeriSign SSL certificates to make sure the communication between them and customers is safe.

"We identified and self-reported the incident in early March, and we will continue to provide information to the appropriate parties as revealed by the investigation," the company said, according to the news source. A Visa spokesman told the website that it has asked Global Payments to re-validate PCI compliance.

With SSL certificates, Symantec said the browser can request that the web server identify itself. If the SSL certificate is trusted, it sends a message to the server saying the site is fine, but if not the user can know that the website may be unsafe. With these in place, customers can know that the website is taking measures to protect them and their payment information while surfing the internet.

"Trust of a credential depends on confidence in the credential issuer, because the issuer vouches for the credential’s authenticity," Symantec's website said. "Certificate Authorities use a variety of authentication methods to verify information provided by organizations. Symantec, the leading Certificate Authority, is well-known and trusted by browser vendors because of our rigorous authentication methods and highly reliable infrastructure."

Using VeriSign SSL certificates or keys from other well-respected and known companies can create good will from customers for companies that are looking to gain and keep trust over a long period of time.