Healthcare organizations must improve data security

Healthcare organizations must improve data security

Data security is more important than ever for healthcare organizations, as several hospitals have experienced major data breaches this year.

According to a recent report by Business Insurance, the most important steps for any organization in preventing data loss incidents are comprehensive planning and educating employees.

"Work internally with your security folks and your (information technology) people," said Tom Srail of Willis North America, as reported by the news source. "Understand what your risk is, where your data is stored and how you plan to handle incident response."

Experts also suggest educating staff members on data protection and potential consequences of data loss, as breaches often occur because of poor security knowledge by individual employees, the report said. Encryption, antivirus software and a recovery plan are also vital when designing a successful data protection strategy.

According to a recent study by Veriphyr, 71 percent of healthcare companies have suffered at least one data breach during the past 12 months, with 35 percent of breaches the result of employees exploring medical records without authorization. Meanwhile, 52 percent of respondents believe their organization lacks the proper technology to combat data breaches.