IT professionals must better communicate importance of security

IT professionals must better communicate importance of security

Most IT professionals agree that cybersecurity is important to a successful business, but explaining to non-IT staff why investing in security is worth the cost can be difficult.

According to a report by ITPro, IT professionals need to better communicate the importance of spending a significant portion of a budget on security, and there's numerous approaches IT employees can take.

"There's a gap between what needs to be done and what the C-level thinks needs to be done," said Larry Ponemon, chairman of the Ponemon Institute, as reported by the news source. "C-level executives may not be aware of all the issues. The first step is educate the CEO or [Doctor of Medicine] Spell this out in brackets on the importance of security. To be successful security has to be visible."

It's vital for IT staff to get executives thinking of security in business terms, as companies often don't invest in preventative measures until something negative occurs, the report said.

In a recent Globe and Mail report, security expert Jim Short provided 10 tips for businesses to protect against cyberattacks. According to the report, organizations should consider a security service that's located in the cloud, protects against hackers and identity theft and doesn't handicap computer performance.