Many IT pros feel major security breach could destroy their organizations

Many IT pros feel major security breach could destroy their organizations

While some companies may be able to recover from a massive data security breach, many others may not be so lucky.

According to a recent study by Imago Techmedia for IP EXPO, 18 percent of IT professionals surveyed indicated that their businesses may not be able to re-open after a security breach. Also, 70 percent of participants said that security would be best served as a collaborative effort across all information and communication technology departments.

"Respondents to our survey overwhelmingly agreed that IT security should not be viewed as an isolated activity, but would best be treated as an integrated part of businesses’ entire technology reviews and processes," said Mike England, Imago Techmedia's content director of the IP EXPO.

Other findings of the study revealed that nearly half of IT professionals said their companies needed greater security-related collaboration between all aspects of the organization. Another 44 percent said at least 25 percent of their IT staff are security employees, according to the study.

While the IP EXPO survey indicates that IT professionals believe there must be greater data security needs, some companies think they are frontrunners in the industry when they are clearly not. According to a recent study by CSO and PricewaterhouseCoopers, 43 percent of those surveyed said they are leaders in the security field, despite continued breaches, CIO reported.