Microsoft's Xbox LIVE marketplace suffered security breach

Microsoft's Xbox LIVE marketplace suffered security breach

Sony's online gaming community has been struck by cybercriminals several times this year, and now Microsoft customers have also experienced the effects of a security breach, according to a recent Ars Technica report.

Microsoft told the news provider that it hasn't found any evidence that their Xbox LIVE service was compromised. However, many customers contacted Ars Technica and said their financial information was stolen and their accounts charged.

"Yesterday, my live account got hijacked and charged just over $100," one customer told the news provider. "Specifically, two large purchases of points followed by the download of FIFA 12, which had two achievements unlocked for the game, and every [Microsoft] point spent on Gold Premium Packs and [downloadable content]."

The report said that Microsoft plans to shut down these accounts for the next 25 days while it investigates the issues.

To avoid consumer financial data from being stolen, vendors are encouraged to make sure they are PCI compliant. Verizon Wireless PCI consulting services director Jen Mack said that many organizations must increase their compliance efforts to avoid future data security breaches, according to a recent Bank Info Security report.