Microsoft security patches cover SSL vulnerabilities, other threats

Microsoft security patches cover SSL vulnerabilities, other threats Security vulnerabilities for a number of Microsoft products were patched earlier this month, as the company also dropped support for several other SSL certificates compromised by the DigiNotar hack.

Protection flaws for the three most recent versions of Microsoft Office, SharePoint and the often-compromised Windows Server Message Block or SMB subsystem were addressed in the company's latest release.

That said, none of the non-SSL certificate-related vulnerabilities were rated as critical by Microsoft, though users were urged to update their systems to protect against any possible exploitation as soon as possible, just to be on the safe side.

Nevertheless, some of the vulnerabilities patched in the most recent round of updates did pose the potential for remote code execution, meaning that an attacker could, theoretically, implant malicious software into an unpatched system.

Regardless of the source of a business' software, regular updates from the manufacturer, security checking, and an overall high level of attention to protective measures are necessary to ensure that sensitive data and systems remain well-defended against technological threats, experts say.