Mobile devices must be protected from security risks

Mobile devices must be protected from security risks

While mobile devices are being more heavily used these days in business and to make purchases online, companies must take steps to make sure they are safe. A big part of this will be optimizing the website, getting good keys such as GeoTrust or Thawte SSL certificates, and being sure to have software the manages mobile devices. said mobile device management software may come in handy for companies looking for better control of devices.

“Most companies lack the people, processes and tools to manage the rapidly expanding number of mobile devices that require access to corporate information," according to what Michael Disabato, research vice president at Gartner, told VoiceandData. "Enterprises are struggling with smartphone and tablet (mobile endpoint) management, which results in increased security risk, growing usage costs and diminished IT control."

Regarding access, the website said managing the use of networks is about having immediate visibility for what devices are being used at a business. Another issue is filtering, which can be controlled inside of a business, but there may be a harder time controlling devices outside of the company.

Robertson Roe, managing director of Australia and New Zealand at AirWatch, told VoiceandData there are SSL certificates used to protect documents in transit when dealing with mobile devices. It is important for companies to have a good certificate provider and management system so they know when a certificate must be revoked or has been breached.

One company said SSL certificates work with most mobile devices, but there are some older versions of the phones that may not recognize the certificates and therefore make it much more dangerous to send data. Companies should be sure to invest in good certificates from companies such as VeriSign and include warnings on the website if there are some older mobile devices or operating platforms that may have trouble recognizing the keys.