Mobile security breaches on the rise, study says

Mobile security breaches on the rise, study says

With the amount of mobile devices in the hands of consumers and employees alike, data security is more important than ever before.

According to IBM's X-Force 2011 Mid-Year Trend and Risk Report, adoption of smartphones, tablets and other devices are expected to lead to more than double the amount of mobile exploits this year than in 2010.

For organizations, this development is a problem because many employees bring these devices into the workplace. According to IBM, IT departments are encouraged to constantly implement anti-malware and patch management software in their phones.

"Mobile phones are an increasingly attractive platform for malware developers as the sheer size of the user base is growing rapidly, and there is an easy way to monetize mobile phone infections," said IBM. "Malware distributors can set up premium texting (SMS messaging) services that charge users that text to a specific number."

Mobile malware continues to increase as more people use smartphones and tablets. According to a recent study conducted by G Data Security Labs, a new malware strain was discovered every 12 seconds during the first half of 2011, which is an increase of 273 percent from the first half of 2010.