Moves made toward mobile payment security

Moves made toward mobile payment security

While VeriSign SSL certificates help keep payments and transactions safe over laptops and PCs, there have been some challenges and security concerns facing companies that accept mobile payments. According to CBR Online, Symantec, the parent company of VeriSign, is releasing new enterprise mobile enhancements to help solve the challenges of the bring your own device trend that is happening across the enterprise.

New tools from the company will include Mobile Application Management, Symantec Data Loss Prevention for mobile, Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center for Mobile and Symantec Code Signing for Android. In a time when more eCommerce companies are looking to accept mobile payments, this could be a huge coup for a business that was previously unsure about how they could safely accept mobile payments.

"With the ability to protect and control iOS, Android and HTML5 apps, Symantec addresses the core problem of corporate and personal data separation without limiting the end-user experience or application adoption," the news source said. "Symantec Data Loss Prevention for Mobile will include added support for the iPhone and the application will help CISOs monitor and control the transmission of confidential data from mobile devices without restricting users' access to applications."

There have been some other interesting ideas for how to secure mobile payments. One company has introduced a system that will look at fingerprints in order to accept mobile payments. AuthenTec's new AES2750 features fingerprint matching and uses a new design to allow people to use their fingerprints to prove they are the one making the payment. It remains to be seen if something like this will catch on as something of a self-signed key, but it's an interesting idea never the less.

Until a new solution is developed, companies will have to use systems such as the aforementioned new Symantec mobile security system to protect eCommerce payments. SSL certificates from companies like Thawte and VeriSign can also be useful in the right situation.