New cloud solution helps merchants with PCI compliance

New cloud solution helps merchants with PCI compliance

Research released by Gartner at the end of last year highlighted concerns regarding PCI DSS compliance. According to Gartner, 18 percent of respondents admitted to being non-compliant, despite data showing the higher cost of non-compliance.

"Technology and service providers should continue to market their ability to help solve customer issues with compliance for the PCI security standards," said Lawrence Pingree, research director at Gartner. "End-user organizations must also work to address the awareness of their PCI security standards compliance status, so that their employees know whether or not they are compliant with the PCI standards."

A new software solution aims to help companies address several of the hurdles to PCI compliance by partially taking the burden off of merchants. According to MSPMentor, typical software solutions in the area of PCI compliance offer vulnerability scanning services, but this still leaves a heavy compliance burden on businesses.

he compliance solution helps offset the burden of PCI compliance by securely storing sensitive credit card information in a data vault. When a customer enters credit card information into a retailer's check out page, the credit card number and card verification values go directly to a secure database.

PCI compliance much less cumbersome because the merchant never handles sensitive information. This means merchants only need to fill out self-assessment questionnaire type A.

Although the compliance tool does take a lot of the burden off of merchants, it may not be for businesses that feel uncomfortable using third party resources to store customer information. Enterprises that want to take a more independent approach to becoming PCI DSS compliant should become familiar with PCI standards, and start looking into implementing other strong security tools, like GeoTrust SSL certificates, for their websites.