New financial malware poses unique threat to data security

New financial malware poses unique threat to data security The second new type of financial malware discovered within the past several weeks has been uncovered by Trusteer, which announced that the malicious program - codenamed "Shylock" - has hitherto-unseen capabilities.

Shylock resists attempts by data security tools to remove it from infected systems, using a watchdog service that searches for antivirus software, according to the Boston-based company. Additionally, the malware has improved evasion techniques that make it even more difficult to pry out of victims' computers.

"As with all financial fraud toolkits, Shylock's detection rate among anti-malware solutions and fraud detection systems is extremely low," Trusteer CTO Amit Klein said.

Unlike the Ramnit malware discovered earlier this month, Shylock does not appear to be based on the Zeus Trojan and has likely been custom-designed, giving it an entirely new profile for researchers to analyze, according to the digital protection company.

Financial malware is a particularly serious data security threat, experts say, potentially granting criminals direct access to bank accounts and allowing successful infections to cause untold monetary damage to affected organizations.