New report highlights state of PCI landscape

New report highlights state of PCI landscape

Eduardo Perez, the head of global payment risk at Visa, recently detailed the past and current state of data security five years after the creation of the PCI Security Standards Council.

When the PCI SSC first launched, Perez wrote for SC Magazine, adoption levels were lower because of the lack of awareness. According to Perez, feedback from those organizations using the security standards was a starting point to help boost PCI compliance.

As a result, 97 percent of level-1 merchants in the United States are PCI compliant. Perez added that small merchant adoption rates are also on the rise, which has helped curb widespread industry data breaches.

"This community must continue to be the engine that propels us forward," said Perez. "With the ongoing involvement and input from you and your peers that has brought us this far, together as champions of PCI, we will ensure that in a changing payments environment, the security of cardholder data remains paramount."

While Visa has shed some positive light on the current state of PCI compliance, Verizon Wireless consulting services director Jen Mack, recently told Bank Info Security that merchants must increase their efforts to remain compliant to protect against future threats.