New search feature helps companies find secure sites

New search feature helps companies find secure sites

When companies have secure websites with up-to-date SSL certificates, it can prove persuasive to their customers that they are a trustworthy site and will be responsible with data. According to a recent Ars Technica report, new features in Firefox 14 intend to extend notification of security status to Google searches and remove site icons from the address bar, which could help sites with certificates in place stand out even more.

Firefox update

A new feature of the popular Firefox web browser client is designed to add a component to searches. Ars Technica reported that searches under the new version of the browser will display whether a site has attained the SSL's tell-tale 'lock' icon directly on the search results page, meaning addresses without certificates may lose clicks.

The browser's designers also changed the way icons are displayed. Some websites use a padlock as their display icon, hoping to look secure. According to Ars Technica, the latest Firefox, much like Google Chrome, does not display site icons next to the address bar, rewarding sites with real SSL certification and thwarting those that  would fake it.

Dangerous marketplace

The online world is full of threatening and dangerous websites out to compromise users' computers. According to ThreatPost, recent data from Google found that many of the latest malicious websites are not compromised legitimate sites but web portals created for the expressed purpose of attacking visitors' computers and overcoming their defenses.

Web surfers eager to keep themselves safe could respond strongly to firms that go the extra distance to secure their websites with safety features such as GeoTrust SSL certificates. With more chances than ever for users to see the difference between sites with and without security features, sites that do not seek out security could find themselves overlooked.