Non-profit organization hosting cybersecurity seminar in Colorado Springs

Non-profit organization hosting cybersecurity seminar in Colorado Springs

Internet and data security are primary concerns among businesses, prompting one organization to host a two-day educational seminar in Colorado Springs regarding cybersecurity threats.

Western Cyber Exchange, an independent non-profit that provides public and private companies with a forum to share cybersecurity information, created the event to bring together industry experts, small business owners, government contractors and universities for two days of idea sharing.

"Cybersecurity affects everyone," said Doug DePeppe, a WCX member and a speaker at the seminar, according to the Gazette. "The threat that targets the federal government targets small businesses as well."

According to the news source, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have heightened the security risks for many businesses, while the individual user is often a major culprit of a data breach. DePeppe also said that small companies are at the greatest risk of security problems, especially their business bank accounts because they aren't FDIC insured.

October is the eighth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month, with the goal to trigger information sharing among American industries to combat the growing threat of cyberattacks. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, NCSAM encourages and supports events across the country, promoting an increase in knowledge about cybersecurity.