Optimistic holiday shopping season underlines importance of security

Optimistic holiday shopping season underlines importance of security

With a new eMarketer report displaying high expectations for ecommerce activity in the upcoming holiday shopping season, businesses looking to leverage this profitable market may benefit from an emphasis on security.

According to the eMarketer report, online spending levels will at least match those of last year, and have the potential to surpass them. The study involved research and interviews with experts in the ecommerce industry, and led to a projection of 12 percent growth this year, based on separate data from comScore.

"Price-conscious consumers will shift more of their gift spending from stores to the internet in order to take advantage of web features that make it easy to compare prices and find good deals," said Jeffrey Grau, eMarketer principal analyst and author of the report.

However, businesses are advised to focus on data security in order to preserve a positive reputation as the busy holiday shopping season commences. Security breaches are likely to deter consumers from using a website for their online purchases, and could cause companies to miss out on significant opportunities.

In fact, a survey released by McAfee last month found that two-thirds of consumers are unsure about ecommerce security. The number of those who said they were comfortable with security on ecommerce sites dropped 11 percent from 2009, the study found.