Pan American Games possibly suffered data breach

Pan American Games possibly suffered data breach

Security has been a much-talked-about issue at the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, but it seems authorities may have been searching in the wrong place.

An anonymous tipster emailed members of the press Monday, saying that the personal information of journalists covering the games is accessible through the competition's website.

The tip said reporters' full names, dates of birth and first five digits of their passport were publicly available. About 1,4000 journalists from 42 participating nations are attending this year's event.

Although the Guadalajara 2011 Organizing Committee denied any data security breach took place, some experts who investigated the site remain skeptical.

"I would hope [Pan Am organizers] would protect that information, but it looks like they haven't," said internet security expert Ian Gordon, according to the Canadian Press. "All kinds of organizations have to be very vigilant about protecting that kind of information."

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that officials have already begun preparing cybersecurity plans for the London Olympics in 2012. Authorities will begin running simulated cyberattacks, including worst-case scenarios to test response efforts, in March and May.