PCI compliance checklist intends to help businesses protect their data

PCI compliance checklist intends to help businesses protect their data

According to a report from CSO, a simple checklist recently provided by the PCI Security Standards Council will assist organizations in establishing PCI compliance and data security for their networks. The checklist is intended to help protect both customers and merchants.

The list features measures that fall into two categories: electronic and physical.

Electronic measures include regularly testing data security applications as well as PCI security processes, guarding all customer business data, protecting regulatory information, encrypting all online transactions that feature customer data and maintaining antivirus applications on all computers. Other Electronic measures include maintaining a current and updated firewall between the web and customer payment data, changing passwords bundled with new devices and installing only secure processing software.

Physical measures include limiting access to customer data to only critical personnel, utilizing area entry authentication systems, keeping physical access to computers and customer data restricted and ensuring that all workers are familiar with current data security policies.

PCIcomplianceguide.org report says that nascent web purchasing and POS technologies have generated more opportunities for restricted data to be compromised. Organizations should initiate actions to be sure that they are PCI compliant. Many businesses contract with IT security specialists dedicated to PCI compliance.