PCI compliance standards updated

PCI compliance standards updated

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Council recently updated its wireless guidelines for businesses subject to PCI compliance standards.

As wireless technology has become wildly popular in the enterprise, regulatory organizations have aggressively attempted to standardize security to ensure consumer data protection.

One specific area the updated guidelines address is standards for Bluetooth technology. For businesses to remain compliant, any credit or debit card data sent over Bluetooth connections must be secured, as should information sent over standard wireless connections. Organizations can use the PCI DSS requirements to keep their information secure and avoid breaches that compromise enterprise and consumer data.

"Wireless networks continue to be an easy target for data compromise, especially as new devices are added to these environments," Bob Russo, general manager of the PCI Security Standards Council, said in a release.

The PCI DSS requirements can be applied to companies not subject to its regulations as well. Since the regulation is based off best security practices, it's likely that adopting the standards will make data safer.