PCI compliance statistics from Visa hold steady

PCI compliance statistics from Visa hold steady

The newest PCI compliance statistics released by Visa show almost no change from the previous report released in September, according to StorefrontBacktalk.

According to the report, Level 1 PCI companies are keeping steady at 98 percent, Level 2 at 91 percent and Level 3 growing a percentage point to 58 percent. Visa said Level 4 companies are at "moderate."

PCI Compliace Guide describes Level 1 as being any merchant, regardless of acceptance channel processing more than 6 million Visa transactions, Level 2 as a company that does 1 million to 6 million transactions per year, Level 3 as 20,000 to 1 million transactions and Level 4 any merchant with fewer than 20,000 credit or debit card transactions per year.

For Level 3, StorefrontBacktalk said these numbers were first reported in June 2011 at 60 percent and dipped slightly. The website said this level of companies clearly need to work on PCI compliance to make sure customers are kept safe.

There are now fewer Level 1 companies, dropping from 407 to 404, with Level 3 seeing the biggest jump in companies that follow PCI compliance from 3,049 to 3,149.